Editorial guidelines and standards

How our articles are written and reviewed

Our goal at First Airsoft is to provide current and future airsoft players with the right information to improve their game. We focus solely on review and guide-based content for a reason. Education in airsoft is critical. With nearly a decade of experience, we wanted to make sure we’re transparent about our process for our readers.


To ensure our readers are provided with thorough, factual and uo-to-date information, our articles are proof-read and vetted before publication. This includes validating information for laws (UK), grammar, spelling and, external citations (sources).

Editorial process

Airsoft can become a complicated and hard-to-understand topic. The First Airsoft team is committed to providing trustworthy and accurate information. Any opinions or biased we give come from first-hand experience. 

Inclusion and diversity

At First Airsoft we embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion. We’re committed to recognising and respecting gender diversity. 

For brevity’s sake, we often use terms like ‘man’ and ‘women’ or ‘guy’ and ‘girl’ to describe biological particulars based on assigned sex at birth. We know these words do not capture the many beautiful and complex ways real humans identify themselves.

We’re continuing to evolve and improve our editorial standards. We’re committed to ensuring our work is sensitive to the social nuances of gender. If there’s anything you’ve seen on our site that you think we could’ve done more on, please let us know at contact@firstairsoft.com

Review process

Our content is written, edits and reviewed by the team here at First Airsoft. The content on our site does not require certifications from any educational institutions for validation. It’s solely based on experience playing airsoft, first-hand experience with any airsoft guns and, any airsoft sites.

Referencing, sources and citations

We take referencing seriously to ensure all statistical or critical information is provided at the root source. We regularly maintain and review any external sources for freshness and accuracy. 

We welcome feedback

If you have any questions or comments about our titles, or if you spot something that doesn’t look right, please reach out to us at contact@firstairsoft.com 

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